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Including turntable kits in 00/H0, & 0 scales, loco building and testing aids, jigs and tools.

Here you will find details of our products, aimed primarily at model-makers and model engineers, both hobbyist and professional.

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LMS / LNER / BR Tubular post, upper quadrant signals

LMS/LNER/BR This style of signal, originally introduced by the LMS in the 1930s, was also used by the LNER and latterly by BR. Many examples are still in use today. Post heights vary from 17ft. (5,2m) to 36ft. (11m). Arm configurations - single arm, double arm, single/double plus repeater, shunt arm, home and distant. Post configurations - single post, 2-doll branch left or right, 2-doll equal cantilever, 3-doll junction.

SR This style represents the type of signal post built from bull-head rail, indigenous to the Southern Railway. Single post only, single or double arm, home distant or shunt (or combinations of each). Post heights vary, but seldom in excess of 33ft. (10m).

Kit construction is of nickel silver and brass, with white metal fittings (lamps, post caps). It is hoped to re-introduce the actuator to enable signals to be operated electrically. The actuator incorporates a relay whose contacts may be wired to provide interlocking and isolation of track sections in accordance with the signal status.

OSK1AB 17ft. post height, single arm. KIT BUILDS 2 SIGNALS
Arm configuration is 2 x Home, or 2 x Distant, or Home + Distant, or Home + Shunt, or Distant + Shunt                
Available now
OSK1C Medium height post. Single or double arm. £TBA
OSK1D Tall post. Single or double arm. Could be built with low-level repeater. £TBA
OSK2 2-doll bracket signal. Dolls positioned either side of main post. £TBA
OSK3 2-doll bracket signal. Branch doll off-set to right or left of main post. £TBA
OSK5 3-doll bracket signal. Dolls can be positioned in any branch / main combination. 2 kits would form ideal basis of a gantry. £TBA
SR Rail-built post, upper quadrant signals
OSK8 Single post, rail-built. Single or double arm £TBA



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