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Turntable Kits

Kits are produced to a high degree of precision, using both etched and machined parts, as well as white metal and lost-wax brass castings.

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TURNTABLE KITS - general information

Please note:  Due to my pending retirement, production of turntable kits has ceased, and remaining stocks will be offered to those customers who are already on the waiting list. It is hoped that another manufacturer can be found to continue the range - any news will be posted on this site.


We are manufacturers of the Midland Railway Centre range of turntable kits, now in their 35th year of production.

The kits are produced to a high degree of precision, using both etched and machined parts, as well as white metal and lost-wax brass castings. Nut and bolt assembly of the main structural components ensures speed and accuracy of assembly, and jigs and gauges are provided to facilitate positional accuracy of those components on which satisfactory operation depends. Motorising kits are available for each model in the range.

All kits are compatible with DCC control systems. A comprehensive set of illustrated assembly instructions is provided with each kit. A good soldering iron (or miniature gas soldering torch), plus the usual selection of kit-builders hand-tools are all that is required for assembly, and the kits should be well within the capability of the average modeller.

The kits are available for 0.(32mm), and S7 standards, and the appropriate rail-setting gauges are provided accordingly.

Each kit is complemented by an Installation Module, to enable the turntable to be installed easily into the layout. These modules consist of a series of boards of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and incorporate the pit or "well" , together with the circular rail on which the turntable rotates, the central pivot, and location for the motor drive, if required.

This kit is based on the standard design of well turntable supplied to railway companies world-wide by the Ipswich based company Ransomes & Rapier from the 1930s. The model depicts the hand-propelled version, and is available in two sizes, 60 foot (18,3metre) and 70 foot (21,3metre) diameter.

Construction is of brass, nickel-silver, copperclad laminate board and steel. Timber is supplied for the walkway planking. The stiffening...

These kits are based on the hand-pushed "balanced table" design of well turntable, built by Cowans & Sheldon of Carlisle, and used by all of the British railway companies from pre-grouping days until well into the 1930's when they were largely replaced by the powered versions. However, many examples of this type of turntable survived into BR days at the smaller depots.

Four kits are available, to build the 42 foot (12,8 metre), the...

This kit represents the GWR style of hand-operated over-girder turntable, 65ft. (19,8m.) in diameter. Its features include full rivet detail, inner and outer bracing struts with stiffening angles, timber walkways along the tops of the side girders, access ladders, locking levers, chequerplate decking etc.

Construction is of etched nickel-silver or brass, steel and copperclad laminate board.

Setting gauges are provided to ensure...


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