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Turntable KitsMidland Compound on 50ft. turntable

Turntable Kits

Kits are produced to a high degree of precision, using both etched and machined parts, as well as white metal and lost-wax brass castings.

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The model is based on the style of turntable introduced by Ransomes & Rapier of Ipswich in the 1930s, and installed all over the British railway system. Propulsion was by hand windlass, electric or vacuum. Two sizes are available - 60 foot and 70 foot diameter * , and the model is suitable for use with steam or electric (2-rail, battery or stud contact) locomotives * Illustrations show Aster A4 locomotive on 70ft. version

The unit consists of two modules, as follows:

Module 1 - THE BRIDGE
Constructed of brass, steel, nickel-silver and copperclad laminate. All parts are jig machined for accuracy and perfect alignment. The model incorporates correct section girder frames and stretchers which support the running rails, with a cantilevered walkway along each side. Fittings include handrails, locking levers and windlass. Additional detail available on request includes vacuum tanks, vacuum pipe and control pedestal.

Constructed from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and plywood. These are accurately machined to form the rim, walls and floor of the well. A raised ledge carries the circular race rail on which the turntable rotates. For use with electric traction (track pick-up), power to the bridge rails is supplied via each half of the race rail and the carrying wheels.

Turning is by hand, although motorisation is a future possibility.

For maintenance purposes, the bridge may be removed from the well simply by lifting it off the centre shaft. The well module occupies a space 800 x 800mm.

Whilst primarily intended for indoor use, the model may be operated outdoors if the base unit is arranged so as to be instantly removable.

RR60/1AP Bridge unit, built and painted (non-motorised), 60ft. £350.00
RR70/1AP Bridge unit, built and painted (non-motorised), 70ft. £375.00
MOD4/60A Installation unit, 60ft. £125.00
MOD4/70A Installation unit, 70ft. £135.00

Please note - only available as RTR at present. Please enquire re delivery.


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